What inspired me to do this years auction?

When I graduated from High School I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, which I’m sure can be said for most new graduates. I tried college for a bit, and while I met some amazing people who continue to positively influence my life, I realized that I wasn’t happy with that path; it simply didn’t motivate me.

Leaving college was more than terrifying. College is a safe place to figure things out, to meet new people and learn about yourself. Living life outside of college is the same thing, but on steroids and without the safety net there to catch you if (when) you fall!

I spent the year figuring out what kind of lifestyle I wanted. I dipped my toe in a couple different career choices and learned a lot along the way. Through it all started to forge a new relationship with myself that I never knew could exist.

This new-found connection to myself allowed my creativity to blossom in amazing ways. I discovered my own artistic style, which continues to transform and evolve every day. I also rediscovered my passion and drive to be my own boss, to own my own things, and to live the life of my choosing.

The 2019 art auction was about choosing an “unconventional path.” Unconventional - meaning choosing the path that is right for you - not the path that is so often laid out for us. For some, college is the right path. For others, like me, we have to live life outside of the safety of institutions; outside of the perceived safety of the “comfortable” life that conventional careers offer us.

I’m happiest when I’m painting, and when I’m having meaningful conversations with others; conversations that surpass those initial superficial layers of new interactions. I want to live a life full of color, of passion, of deeper conversations. I want to connect people with my art. I want to show the younger generation that they can be their own boss, that they can follow their own passion, that they can create their own future. I want to bring forth creativity in everyone, not just the born creatives.

My goal was to bring everyone together under the same umbrella of self-discovery and reflection. I shared my view of the world with everyone and encouraged them to see past their given stories and look deeper within. Through sharing my art, I hoped to encourage people to experience their life from a new/fresh perspective and to evaluate the path that they had chosen and whether or not it was a true reflection of their deepest desires.

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