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Going back as long as I can remember, I've always seen the beauty in everyone and everything. When I meet someone new, I immediately see something about them that draws me in. Sometimes it is something physical and sometimes it is something more illusive; something that transcends our physical form.

The mind is the most fascinating and beautiful part of living things. I challenge myself every day to question what I think I  know, what I think I see, and why I feel the way I feel. My art stems from pushing the boundaries of my mind.


My art is an extension of myself and I often find that it helps to explain what is going through my head, without me even knowing it. I am a very empathetic person and struggle with the intensity of my emotions and the emotions that I feel from others. My art is my passion and without it I would be very lost in the world. Everything that I create is a manifestation of how intense I experience everything around me. 

My pieces aren't made through thought, they are inspired by moods that I go through and the various types of people that come in and out of my life. I can get lost in art and lose all concept of time: it is an entirely different world. 

My art is about exploring ones ability to create their own reality and entertainment without the aid of some outside force. I believe that we all have more control over our minds than we think and that we can enter entirely different realms if we let go of what we are expected to be or how we are expected to act. 

I think there is a true beauty to being able to create ones own "high" in life. My art is how I experience things in my mind. It is my natural "high," and I feel blessed that I'm capable of being able to see the world like I do. I hope that my art gives others a chance to experience something different than their own perceived reality.  

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