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Land Vision Board

I dream of owning land and forging community. 

Land filled with all types of healers and people of aligned values. A place where people can come discover the dreams that they buried as children and feel supported by the community in aligning those dreams with reality.


I was taught to not share my dreams, because someone might take them and make them happen before me. I no longer choose a reality of scarcity and instead I choose to believe that abundance is accessible to all of us. I hope that people are inspired and that with sharing my dreams, it will be easier to find aligned people who want to join together in community to make them a reality<3


A List of what I want this land to offer:

  • A place of retreat from the daily distractions of life

  • A place to heal your inner child and old wounds

  • A place to dream bigger than you ever let yourself dream

  • Healing through community, gardening, art, tattoos, and more... (limitless)

  • Connecting back to nature

  • Connecting back to your intuition

  • Empowering through education (What did you want to actually learn growing up? What would have helped you as an adult had you learned it as a child?) For example, learning to: Cook, garden, budget, build, meditate, play... 

  • Mentorship

  • Support breaking ties to what you no longer want to attract in life

  • Temporary and long term housing for community living

  • Healers of all modalities: Acupuncture, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation etc...


How tattooing fits into this:


I dream of working in a clear dome surrounded by nature. I've always wanted to tattoo on the floor, immersed in bright colors, tapestries and thrifted goods. A space where I can incorporate other healing modalities with tattooing.


I'd love for my clients to be able to come stay in yurts before and after their appointments. I've always wanted to be able to support my clients in their healing further than just sending them home after a tattoo. I know that getting tattooed goes so much deeper than skin and I want to be able to hold more space for that.


I'm sure I will add more to this and the ideas will bloom. Thank you for reading and please share if you feel called to!




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