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Healing Retreats/Events


I believe that our joy is our power and following our joy is the key to everything in life. I want to start hosting retreats and events to inspire people to follow their wildest dreams. 

I dream of holding healing retreats where:

-We go into nature and disconnect from the distractions of every day life

-We tap into our inner child (dance in the rain, scream with laughter, play in the mud, build forts, etc...)

-We collage vision boards filled with our wildest ideas

-We share and teach each other different skills that we are individually good at

-We come up with self care routines that we feel supported in 

-We dream together 

Until I can whisk you all away to my dream healing retreat, I plan on holding creative events and inviting you all to my favorite nature spots for days of play <3


I have so much love for you all!

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