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Aligning With My Dreams

sharing with the collective

I am 24 years old and for someone who has spent their entire life admiring everyone for their complexities and "imperfections," I am just now learning to love those same things about myself. 

2019 brought on one of the biggest shifts of my life and in the following years I've experienced so many deaths of self. Walking through my shadows has taught me how to work with my shadows and now, as part of my own healing, I feel called to share with the world. 


I realize now that we are all interconnected and that vulnerability heals. 


You are not alone in your journey<3



About Me


Land Vision Board

Manifesting Land

I dream of owning land and forging community. Land filled with all types of healers and people of aligned values. A place where people can come discover the dreams that they buried as children and feel supported by the community in aligning those dreams with reality.

Healing Retreats

Journey Into Healing

My calling is to create a healing space where people feel safe to dream bigger than they every have. Our Joy is the key to everything and aligned community has the ability to empower and hold people on their journey to self discovery.


Celebrating People

Supporting Small Businesses

New Project Coming Soon...

Barter & Trade

Back to Basics

I was taught money was the only form of currency. Now I understand that currency is an exchange of energy. I would love to start delving into trade and step away from the corporate way of doing business. 

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